Jurassic World - Apex Predator Kit

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Discover the APEX PREDATOR KIT. This Kit is, together with the Indominus Kit, the last Welcome Kit ever created by Jurassic World. Everything was ready for the premiere of a new season at Jurassic World but the 2015 incident forced the permanent closure of the park. The APEX Predator Kit was made for the most adventurous. It was, without a doubt, the most popular of the standard experiences at #JurassicWorld.

This Kit includes:

• Metal Box
• Official Guide Book (107 pages)
• Welcome Letter
• Entrance Ticket
• VIP Visitor Pass with Lanyard
• Jurassic World Banner Flag (135 x 45 cms)
• Jurassic World Brochure Map
• Jurassic World Scandband
• Metal Token
• Jurassic World Pin
• Camp Cretaceous Reservation postcard
• Jurassic World Logo Pin
• Jurassic World Exclusive Badge collection
• Jurassic World Exclusive Postcard
• 2 Stickers

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