Cart & Checkout FAQ

Prices, payments and promotions

1. Prices
The prices at Doctor Collector are in euros and are valid unless typographic error. All the prices include applicable VAT on the order date.
2. Payment methods
We offer different payment methods, for you to choose from the below the one which fits better your preferences.
- Card payment.
- PayPal.
- Amazon Pay.
- Apple Pay
- Google Pay.
- PayPal Pay Later

3. Promo code
You can redeem your promo code once you go to see your cart, at the ‘coupon code´ line, ´add coupon’. Or When checking out, at the right hand side, “discount code”, where you´ll only need to type the code in the box and press apply.
Please keep in mind the following:
- Make sure you´re placing your order with the email registered in Doctor Collector, in case the discount is associated with this email address.
- Enter the code as it appears, without spaces, and distinguishing between upper and lower case. You can also copy and paste it to avoid any mistakes.
- Do not forget to enter the code in this section, as you won´t be able to do it later on, and click on the ‘apply’ buttom.
- The codes are specific and they have terms and conditions to follow.
If the discount code doesn´t work, don´t hesitate to contact us (

4. Invoice
If the order confirmation you received by email is not enough, because you need an invoice, please contact us through our customer service(
We can send you the invoice once you´ve got your parcel and decided you´ll keep the goods.
5. Exchange rate and currency
The payment can only be done in euros. If your payment method currency is different, the card issuer will apply the exchange rate, which we cannot be responsible for. To avoid any exchange rate surprises, we suggest you use a payment method in euros.


1. Countries where we deliver
At present, the following are the countries where we deliver, but we´re constantly working so our products can get to more fans:
- Austria
- Germany
- Netherlands
- Switzerland
- Belgium
- Italy
- Portugal
- United Kingdom
- France
- Luxembourg
- Australia
- New Zeland
- Sweeden
- Finland
- Norway
- Denmark
- Ireland

If you want to make an order for Spain or Andorra please enter
If you want to make an order for United States please enter
In case the order is refused by the addressee at the delivery, Doctor Collector reserves the right to charge the client 100 % of the delivery costs and the return fee to our warehouse.
2. International Deliveries
The delivery timeframe changes depending on the country of destination. And our warehouse timetable is Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays. The orders get ready and ship the same day you purchase on our website or next working day (not applicable on pre-sales).
All our international orders will be shipped with UPS, and you´ll get a message/ email with the estimated delivery date. If it doesn´t suit you, you can choose different alternatives like changing the delivery date or location, have your parcels delivered to a UPS location or tell your driver where to leave parcels when you’re not at home.

The delivery timeframes are:

- Europe: 2-4 working days.
- UK: 4-5 working days.
- Australia & New Zeland: 4-6 working days.

You can use the estimate shipping calculator on the cart page, but the exact shipping costs will be at the purchasing process.

3. Where is my order?

If you haven´t got your order yet, and don´t know where it is, we can give you some recommendations which might help you:

- Maybe you´ve received an email/ message with the estimated delivery date. Keep in mind this date is estimated, and the parcel might be delivered before or after. There´re few factors that can affect such as bad weather, shipping company delays or problems, busy times…

- You´ll get an email with your order tracking link, to follow its journey.

- If the order seems as delivered and you haven´t got it, it might be worth to ask someone at your address, your neighbors, or the delivery man might have left it in a safe place.

If after these checks you can´t find your parcel, please contact us through

4. Customs

Please bear in mind you might need to pay for customs taxes to receive your purchase. The items are shipped from Spain, so if the parcel goes through customs depending on the delivery country, unfortunately we are not in control of that. To find out more about this, I suggest you to contact the customs in your country.

Product and stock

1. Pre Orders
Sometimes there are some products on Pre Order status in our website. If you make a Pre Order you
should receive the item after the launch date that is indicated on the product page, or could be after 3-4
days from this date. If there´s any issue, which is very rare, we´ll contact you.

Usually, Pre Orders are linked to discounted prices, and are a specific amount of product. When it´s gone,
it´s gone! For that reason, it´s very important to place the order as soon as possible, also some of our
items are limited editions that sell pretty fast, so just don’t miss the opportunity if you really want that

Buying a Pre Order item is like placing a normal purchase. You will be charged at that moment. The item
will be ship when it´s available (you´ll get the estimated delivery date).

And if you buy a product that is in stock in the moment of purchasing and a pre-order item, the whole
order will be sent once the pre-order product is available (just one shipment per order).

2. Will an item be restocked?
Some of our products are limited edition, as you could see on our website. Limited Editions are never restocked.
Regular items might be sold out in certain point, but we are always working in our laboratory producing more stock.
We suggest you keep an eye on our website, just in case!

3. Prices change
The prices in our website may change with time.
4. Can you save an item for later?
Of course, you can save your favorite items on your wish list! To do so, don´t forget to first log in to your Doctor Collector´s account. And after, you just need to ‘click’ on the heart you can find on the right-hand side of the item when you are position on it. The items are saved for unlimited time, unless the product is no longer available. You can even create different wish lists.

5. How long does an item stay in your basket?
When a product is added to the basket it´s not saved in the store, if not on the navigator cookies until you complete the payment or delete the cookies.
However, if it´s been a long time since the item was added to the basket and even you can see it´s there, you might want to complete the order and the product seems as sold out. In case this happens, we suggest you delete the cookies and start the purchase again or empty the basket.

6. Our Licenses
All our products are original, with copyright and licensed by Universal Studios, Sony Pictures y Bethesda Softworks.

7. Stock designed by Doctor Collector
We have our own Doctor Collector designer team, who designs all our famous exclusive products and illustrations, sold under Doctor Collector brand.
8. Comments and suggestions
We´d love to hear your feedback about our products, as it will help as to improve in the future.
Also, you can write a review on every product in our website.
And, on the other hand, is there anything you´re thinking off you´d like to have on your collectibles shelf?
Please contact us at:

Returns and refunds

1. How to do a return

Our policy, complying with the current regulations, is to give you the right to return any item bought on Doctor Collector website within 14 days’ timeframe since the reception of the goods.
There´s no need for explanation, any item returned in its original packaging, sealed and in perfect conditions will be accepted.
Before the return, please contact customer service department at:
In addition, don´t forget to include in the return parcel the following information, so we can process it without any problem: name, email address and order number.
2. Do you refund the delivery charges?
If the reason is you´re not happy or interested anymore with the order, we´ll refund you the product cost as long as this is in perfect conditions when we get it back, but not the delivery nor return costs.
The shipping charges is a cost you pay for the parcel to be delivered at the chosen address.

3. Do I have to pay to do a return?
Customer will assume the return costs, and these are not refundable, being the customer able to choose the company as his own preferences to send the parcel back to us.

4. How long does it take you to process a return?
Within a maximum period of 7 days from the receipt of the return, DOCTOR COLLECTOR commits to refund it as long as the product is in good condition.
The time the parcel takes to return to our warehouse depends on the country and the shipping method chosen by the customer.

Order issues

1. Faulty item
We are sorry to hear you´ve received a faulty item. We assure you that we check all our products before shipping them, but they can be damaged during transport.
In this case, contact us at Please, do not forget to attach some pictures so we can see what is damaged and therefore, give you the best possible solution. DOCTOR COLLECTOR will assume a new shipment costs, if necessary.
Bear in mind the packaging is just to contain the product itself, so if this arrives damaged but not the product itself, we won´t consider it as faulty item.
Please contact us within 14 business days of receiving the package to solve your problem.

2. Wrong item
We look after our packaging process to the smallest detail, but we are all human and can make mistakes, and we apologize in advance if that happens.
Before contacting us, we suggest you check the order in your Doctor Collector account or the order confirmation email.
If after this, you see that you have received an item that you have not ordered, please contact us at providing us with as much information as possible and we will take care of it.
Please contact us within 14 business days of receiving the package to solve your problem.

3. Something is missing from my order
First of all, we´d like to apologize about that. This is rare to happen as we take enough time to get the orders ready. But if something has been overlooked, please contact us through providing us the missing item description, within 7 working days of receiving the parcel.
Keep in mind that, if they are different orders, they might be sent separately, unless you contact us in time and we can still send all the items together in the same parcel.
Please contact us within 14 business days of receiving the package to solve your problem.

4. Can I change my order?
As long as the order´s not been shipped yet, the easiest will be to cancel it, and place a new order with the right details. Otherwise, no changes can be done.
For further help, please contact us at

5. Can I cancel my order?
As long as we receive the query and respond to it before your parcel has been shipped, we can cancel your order. In this case, it will not have any cost for you.
If the cancellation is made after the order has been shipped, the customer will be responsible for the shipping costs, as well as the costs of returning the product.
To do this, you only have to contact us through
6. I can´t see my order in my account
Remember you can place an order as a ‘guess’ and in this case, you don´t need to create an account with us.
If you have a Doctor Collector account, you´ll be able to see your order if this has been successful. Please make sure the purchase and account information are correct.
If you can´t see the order, we suggest you wait a bit longer, refresh the page, delete the cookies, try it from another device or even from another browser.
And if you still can´t see the order, there may have been a failure and it was not successful. Your card issuer may have withheld the funds, which they will release in a few days when they finally see that the order has not gone through.


1. I´ve forgotten my password
To recover it, you just have to go to the login section and click on "Forgot your password?" You will then receive an email with the steps to follow, and we suggest you take a look at your spam folder just in case.

2. Troubleshoot signing into my account
We suggest you do the following checks, which will help you log into your Doctor Collector account:
- Make sure you are using the email address and password which you are registered with.
- If you have forgotten your password, click on the "Forgot your password?" link. And you will receive an email with the steps to follow. This email may have ended up in your "spam" folder, take a look just in case.
- Make sure you do not have cookies blocked in your browser, or any content blocked.
- Try to delete your historic, browsing cookies or try to enter your account from another device.

If after this, you are still unable to access your account, do not hesitate to contact us

3. Website Troubleshooting
At the moment we´re not facing any problems with our website, so if you cannot access, we suggest the following:
- Delete historical cookies.
- Re-open the browser.
- Install the latest browser version and make pending updates.
If the problems persists please drop us a message at
4. Unsubscribe from the website
You can find this option available in our promotional emails, at the bottom, where it says "unsubscribe".

5. Should I create an account to shop with you?
Although it is not necessary, it’s highly recommended. If you prefer, you can make the purchase Doctor Collector items as a guest, choosing this option at the check out.