Doc Points FAQ's

How does it work?

Next, we will explain the steps on how to obtain points and claim your rewards, and be able to redeem them in the Doctor Collector store directly. It is very simple!

1.   How do you earn points?


Let’s find below all the actions that make you earn points:


-    Register on Doctor Collector website: 100 points.

-    Follow us on Instagram @doctorcollector: 50 points.

-    Follow us on Twitter: 50 points.

-    Follow us on Facebook: 50 points.

-    On your birthday!: 100 points.

-    Place an order: for every €spent in the store, you will earn 5 points.


Example on the last case: if you buy a 30€ product you will earn... 150 points! Please note that shipping costs are not included when earning points.


**IMPORTANT: your earned points might take a while to be reflected on your DOC POINTS total.**



2.   What are the rewards and what is their point cost?


Depending on the points accumulated in your account, you can get the following:


-    250 points: 5€ discount

-    500 points: 8€ discount

-    750 points: 10€ discount

-    1000 points: 12€ discount


The accumulated points are associated to an account and user and, in order to use them, the order must be placed under these.


3.   How do I redeem the points?


First of all, you must log in on your Doctor Collector account. If you are not registered with us yet, you need to create a completely free account and, in addition, we´ll give you 100 points for it!


In DOC POINTS panel you will see the different rewards that you can get now and the next ones (in case you would like to save points).

Scroll down the panel to "Ways to Redeem" section. There you can see all the options you have to redeem at that time, or in the future if you decide to save points.

You just have to choose a reward and follow the steps on the panel.

When the reward gets done, it will generate a code that you can apply from this same screen or copy the code to enter it manually on the payment page yourself whenever you want (in the discount section). In addition, you will receive an email with the code to avoid you losing it. 

If you can´t find the email, please check spam folder too.


4. How can I invite a friend and get a reward?


First of all, your friend cannot have an account created with us already.


From DOC POINTS, in the “referrals” section, you can get a link to share with your friend the way you prefer. Or you can share it on facebook, twitter or by email.


When your friend clicks the link, he should see a notice to enter his email address. Once your invited friend enters his email address, the reward will be emailed to him.

And you will receive a notification and your reward when your friend has completed the purchase with the invitation you sent him.



5. Do points expire?


No, at the moment they do not expire.



6. How can I know how many points I have?


Once you have logged into your account, you just have to "click" on the bottom right of DOC POINTS, and there you will be able to see the accumulated points.



7. I want to redeem a reward and I haven't applied it before making the purchase. Where can I find the code to apply?


You could find it in DOC POINTS panel or in the email received. Don´t forget to check on the spam folder too. 



8 . Can I invite all the friends I want through the link or social networks and thus receive the rewards?


Yes, the referral program allows you to invite as many people as you want with no limit. The only limit is you can only refer the same person once, but you can refer as many different people as you would like to.

Once this person uses the invitation and makes a purchase, you will receive your reward. Don´t forget to check on the spam folder too. 



9. Can I use the points/rewards to place an order with a delivery address in any valid country on your website?

Yes, you can have different addresses saved in Doctor Collector account and use the one at your preference once you place an order, using the reward.


10. If I have previously placed an order with you but as a guest, do I have points?

You can email us with your name and order number/s placed at Doctor Collector, and we will study the case.



11. Can I earn points as a guest or do I have to register with Doctor Collector?

You need to register with us, and will also learn 100 points for it!


12. Is there a minimum order to use the rewards?

Yes, €30 for the total purchase (not counting shipping costs) to use any of the rewards, either for points or for invitations/recommendations to friends.