Doctor Collector is a young Spanish company selling licensed products for film lovers, television series addicts and video game fanatics. We saw a gap in the merchandise market and set out to offer our customers something completely different. We’re real fans making products for fans.
As regular purchasers of all sorts of merch ourselves, we never really found any products that satisfied our craving to find out more about our favourite films or television series. We felt like other brands had been churning out the same merchandise for more than 30 years.
So we put our heads together in our secret lab and came up with a much more immersive experience. We want you to explore your favourite films like never before, revisiting your top movies and living a unique experience with what we have called our Collector’s Box.
What if Jurassic World was a real place? Wouldn’t it be amazing to buy a welcome kit for the park? What if Karate Kid wasn’t just a film? What would a Miyagi-Do Karate School starter kit be like?

Welcome to Doctor Collector.